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The Used and My Chemical Romance Fanfiction

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Landing [Sunday
February 25th, 2007]

[ mood | accomplished ]

-Title: Landing
-Author: valiaclaire (moi)
-Band/Pairing: Mikey Way (MCR)/William Beckett (TAI), Mikey Way/Frank Iero
-Chapter: 1/1, Standalone
-Rating: PG-13 for cursing
-Summary: Decisions, decisions
-Disclaimer: Its not real. Don't know the guys and this didn't happen.
-Author's Notes: I'm becoming very horrible at titles and summaries. Read it. Hopefully you'll like it. Constructive criticism would be very nice. And yes, I realize that I have two chaptered fics that I haven't updated in ages. And yes and I am working on them. Bare with me. Read this.

LandingCollapse )

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Hmm (mod post) [Wednesday
January 31st, 2007]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Okay, for the time being, this community is now not only for The Used and My Chem, but it'll also be for The Academy Is..., Panic! at the Disco, Gym Class Heros, and Fall Out Boy. This will be just a trial. If it works out okay and people post fics with those pairings from those bands and everybody loves it, then it'll be permanent. If not, it'll go back to being just The Used and MCR. So yeah, maybe we can have some little banners made with a new sexagon or something interesting to start doing more promoting. And post fics or pics. That'd be cool. ^_^

-- Fleurette


Mod Post [Tuesday
January 23rd, 2007]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hey everyone. *waves* I'm Fleurette (valiaclaire) and I'm a new mod here. I figured I'd introduce myself really quick. I'm a gemini, my fave pairings in this fandom are Frank/Gerard, Frank/Bert, Bert/Gerard, my favorite pairings out of this fandom are Ryan/Brendon (P!atD) and Travis/William (Gym Class Heroes/The Academy Is...). I usually post fiction and sometimes pics and icons. I haven't done that in a while, but I'll start that again soon. I have two fics to finish and a standalone to post whenever I finish that, so that should make for a little bit of noise in here. Hopefully we can get this up and moving and active cause this is a really great community started by really great people and it would be a shame if it continued on dead. So yeah, if you guys have any news or pics or anything MCR or The Used related as well as fics (of course) feel free to post them up. So yeah, thats all for now. Toodles.


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November 21st, 2006]

[ mood | content ]

Hello there, I've come to show you two advertisements to two very friendly Livejournal/AIM based RPs I participate in. Members are still needed in both and if you decide to join you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Club SavillionCollapse )

Crimson SierraCollapse )


145 The Used and My Chemical Romance graphics [Monday
July 17th, 2006]

[24] Quinn
[20] Jepha
[16] Bert
[16] Branden
[2] Bert & Quinn
[2] Jepha & Branden
[17] Frank
[8] Bob
[8] Gerard
[8] Mikey
[8] Ray
[3] Gerard & Mikey
[2] Mikey & Bob
[1] Ray & Frank

Friends Only Banners:
[3] Frank
[1] Quinn
[1] My Chemical Romance
[1] Mikey

[2] Frank
[2] Bert

040. 078. 099.

135 icons, 6 friends only banners, 4 bannersCollapse )
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34 The Used icons, every picture from the Hamburg Photoshoot 1 [Tuesday
June 20th, 2006]

Quinn, Jepha, Bert, Branden.

06. 25. 27.

+34Collapse )
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Welcome! [Friday
January 1st, 2010]


This community is for any form of The Used and My Chemical Romance slash! There's also a few other things it's for, listed in the user info.

There isn't open membership, but we accept everyone!

Everything you'll need to know is in the user info.

Please join, add, and promote.

Thanks! :)
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